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050913sunriseSunrise on the Blue Ridge.

If Spring is actually, finally, ,here, maybe we can spend more time on the Parkway photographing and filming the beauty of the mountains and the area.

At least we hope so.

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050813sunsetSunset on the Blue Ridge. Maybe, just maybe, the rain is moving off and warmer weather will follow.

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Rain, rain

050713rainRain Sunday, rain Monday and more rain Tuesday.

One might say the rain on the plain is mainly a pain.

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Pickin’ and grinnin’

042413pickinA banjo picker at a recent Friday Night Jamboree.  I should be back on a regular schedule by tomorrow after Monday’s skin cancer surgery.  Of course, I now have a six-inch scar where a three centimeter spot used to be.

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More music

042113musicA grab shot at a recent Sunday jam session at The Floyd Country Store.

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042113jamminFloyd County is an area awash in music and so much of it is free and easily available to the pubic.  With warmer weather arriving each day, Friday nights will features a lot of street music.  Until then, there are free jam sessions at the Country Store on Sundays and concerts in the same store on Saturdays.

Get with the beat.

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Roaming the streets on a Friday night

On Stage at The Friday Night Jamboree

On Stage at The Friday Night Jamboree

Haven’t had a chance to roam the streets of Floyd on a Friday night for a long, long time.

Did so this week, taking in the music at Oddfellas Cantina and the Friday Night Jamboree.

Weather still a little brisk for music on the streets but it was still good on stage at the Country Store and at Oddfellas.

Sadness at the Jamboree as Down Home Gospel kicked off the religious hour of music with a prayer and tribute to Guy Weeks, a founder of the group, who died this week.

I still tire easily as part of the recovery from last fall’s motorcycle accident so I wasn’t able to stock around for the music at Dogtown Roadhouse.

Hopefully, more energy next time out.

Music at Oddfellas Cantina

Music at Oddfellas Cantina

A young fan at The Friday Night Jamboree.

A young fan at The Friday Night Jamboree.

Smog in the Blue Ridge Mountains

020613smogSmog rises over the Roanoke Valley as viewed from the top of Bent Mountain.

Morning light

020513lightMorning light along Harvestwood Road north of Floyd.

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Seagulls and the snow

020113seagullsSeagulls flying along the Potomac Region during a snow storm in Washington, D.C. (taken when Amy and I still lived in the National Capitol Region).